Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kaiden's Baptism!!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for us! Kaiden was baptized by his dad! We had a lot of family and some friends there to help Kaiden celebrate his big day! I wish a little bit that we could have taken a picture of him right as he came up out of the water! He had a huge grin on his face, it was very sweet! I can't believe that Kaiden is such a big boy now! Going to scouts and being baptized! I must be getting really old!
One of the members of our Primary Presidency is so cute and sweet she made this kind of memory book for the baptism and it had a sheet in it for everyone that attended the baptism to sign. What a great idea, to be able to look back and remember everyone that was there with you. The little book has a place for his picture, a page for him to write down what he remembered and how he felt that day, a page for Richard and I each to write him a letter, a page for a picture of his primary class, a page that has the Articles of Faith printed on them, a page that has a place for the program from his batism, and a page for his Baptism and Confirmation Certificate! It really is neat. I am including a lot of pictures below, mostly for the benefit of those members of my family that could not attend but I hope everyone enjoys them all the same!

First I'm starting with this picture of Kaiden in his scout uniform.

Kaiden and his dad before the baptism. (Rich wasn't thinking when he put on one of his oldest garment tops after his shower)

Kaiden was so excited about being baptized!

This is the program I printed up for his baptism, I included how the person was related to Kaiden in parenthesis, I thought it was fun especially for people from the ward that didn't know all of Kaiden's relatives!

These are some of the pages from the memory book, I thought my mom might enjoy seeing them...maybe some other people too!

Thank you to everyone that came and helped out afterwards especially with food! It was so nice to get together with all of you! We should do it more often!

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Stephanie said...

Good Job! I really like the picture of Kaiden in his scout uniform. I am so proud of you for all the updating you have done on your blog. I know you are busy, so that is why I am impressed. :)