Friday, October 26, 2007

This is a picture that I love. It is over 3 years old, but I still had to post it. This is from Stephanie's wedding over three years ago. Look how young Jocelynn is!

Well, this is us! All of us. Just to give you a run down...
The handsome, sexy one is Rich, he will be 32 a week from today! He is a Landside Officer for the city at the airport. Rich has some really great hobbies, that are actually beneficial to a lot of people. He loves woodworking, working on cars and is pretty handy at home repairs. I'm not sure there is anything he can't do!
Next, I guess, is me, Becky, I'm the one holding the cutest baby in the world. I turned 29 this past year, much to my own surprise! (How did I get that old?!!) I have a little job at the rec center near our house in the child care center. I get to take the kids with me and we get 1/2 off all of our lessons and classes and that kind of stuff. I work short little shifts two or three times a week. I really enjoy it. I just got another job with Jet Blue that I couldn't pass up. I will just work part time from home, and it will help us see my family more and hopefully travel more efficiently. And, I am praying that it will give my family more opportunity to come and visit US! We have four beautiful, talented, sweet little monsters.
Our oldest, Jocelynn turned 9 this summer, she is in 4th grade and just beginning to take ice skating lessons. It is her life's ambition (this week) to be a figure skater! Seriously, I hope she enjoys it. I think she would make a beautiful and talented ice skater if that's what she really wants to do. She is starting to really get into music and joins the rest of the preteen world in her obsession with High School Musical and Hannah Montana. Jocelynn is a great help and a wonderful big sister!
Kaiden comes next, he is our sweetheart. He will be 8 this December and is in the 2nd grade this year. He is looking forward to soccer when it starts up and really enjoys taking Fit Kids with his sister Jocelynn. He is very much into pokemon and loves dinosaurs and animals too. He is just as sweet as he can be and a good helper and a great big brother.
Brenna is our little ball of energy and just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She is learning something new every day and it is so amazing to watch her little personality develope. She has a head full of tight curls that is just so beautiful! She keeps Rich right where she wants him (wrapped around her little finger!) . It's very sweet, but Rich has always been a little bit of a sucker for kids!
Our youngest addition, Sawyer, will be 1 next month. It brings tears to my eyes just writing about it right now. He started walking over a month ago now, almost two! His older sister, Brenna, has taught him a few things like how to say "go!" and how to get anything you want by looking really cute. He is such a good baby, and very mellow. He has these adorable dimples like Richard and I can't wait to see what color his eyes will be for sure.
We bought our first house about three years ago now and our two youngest children have come home from the hospital here. I really love our house, it is in a great neighborhood. We are making improvements as we go. It is slow but we are getting there. I can't wait to remodel the basement the way we want it. It will be nice to finally have a family room.