Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sawyer's Birthday, Kaiden's Birthday & Christmas

Well, here I am playing catch up with the blog again! I'm not sure but I've had a hard time settling down to work on it. So here is a quick catch up of things. I know we're practically half-way into March but I'm going to try!

Here are some cute pictures from Sawyers 3rd Birthday! It's just so unfair that my baby is 3 now! Sometimes I wish we could make them stay little for a little bit longer!!

Richard is the cake decorator at our house. He made Sawyer a Kipper cake. Sawyer loves the Kipper cartoons & he loved his cake!

Sawyer LOVES hats so Rafi got him a cool captain's hat and a package that had fake, adhesive mustaches! Everyone loved them and tried them on! How awesome is that!

Kaiden's birthday this year was, once again, 10 days before Christmas. Funny how that works out every year ;) lol Anyway, we had a pretty fun day and capped it off by having his favorite dinner and cake and presents.

He got this jean jacket that he had been wanting. Looks pretty sweet!

Rich showed his decorating talents once again when he made Kaiden this awesome Bulbasaur cake. (for those of you that don't have Pokemon obsessed children, Bulbasaur is one of the original 150 pokemon)

We really did have a pretty great Christmas this year even with the tragedy of loss one week before. The kids had a good time and we did manage to get a few pictures on Christmas morning. Somehow, we usually seem to forget to take pictures of Christmas morning but we remembered this time and I'm glad!

I love to get a picture of the tree after Santa has come but before the kids get up in the morning.

All of the kids got these cool Pirate Patches & earrings in their stockings.