Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Well, I have been just horribly neglectful of the blog for the last several months but it really is time to make it up. So I'm going to play catch up in a little bit of a different way.

Back in August we took the family camping to this great camp ground in Idaho! I was SO excited! It has been FOREVER since the last time we went camping! This camp ground that we went to is very close to where Rich's grandparents used to live and when Rich was young and they would go visit his grandparents they would sometimes camp there. It closed several years ago but has just reopened again. It was a very lovely campground. We had a nice large campsite big enough for the kids to have lots of room to play. And the biggest highlight is their pool! They have a pool that is fed by the natural hot springs in the area and it is awesome! So even early in the morning when it's still pretty cold you can go swimming and it's pretty awesome because the water is SO nice and warm! I thought it was very nicely priced and we really did have a lot of fun!

While we were there we visited with one of Rich's Dads cousins and his wife. They live on a farm and it was such a treat for us! They pretty much live in the middle of nowhere in this hundred year old farm house. They were so nice to us and gave all of us a hayride! We had such a great little family vacation! It was a great way to spend our 12th Anniversary!

Here are some of the Pictures we got from our Camping Trip, enjoy!

Brenna's Birthday, Halloween & Rich's Birthday

My baby girl turned 4 back in September! I just can't believe it! Shortly after that we have Halloween and we had a blast this Halloween going trick or treating with cousins! It was awesome! A few days after Halloween is Rich's birthday. Here are some pictures from all of those events, hope you enjoy them!