Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm trying!

Ok, so I've been trying to update this (*bleep*) blog for the last two or three days but I swear I really don't have anything interesting to say!

I am a little nervous about the fact that Kaidens baptism is in 1 week and I had really hoped to have all of the cleaning, redecorating, reorganizing and rearranging that I wanted done completed by then. I am a little worried that this is not going to happen. I guess my biggest worry is that I will not even get close to completing this goal! I still have an unbelievable amount of work left to do. At least it feels like a lot of work to me! I still have all of our clothes to go through and throw aways stuff we don't want, box up stuff we're keeping, and give away stuff that other people want. I need to do thorough cleanings and rearrangings of both of the kids rooms and the guest bedroom/office/sewing/craft room. I have to completely overhaul the rest of the house as far as deep cleaning (walls, floors, bathrooms etc.) and Rich has to finish the wall. You can see why I'm nervous I hope.

So why the heck am I spending so much time typing all this into the blog? Very good question... I better get off here and go start doing something!

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Stephanie said...

You've been "Picture Tagged" by me! I would love to see your top 10 favorite pictures. See my blog for details. :)