Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our 2 Thanksgivings!

This year we got to have two fabulous Thanksgivings. On Thursday we went to Rich's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a great dinner with lots of really good food and a nice peaceful time spent with family. On Saturday we got together with my brother and sisters and thier families. Now, we usually do our get together on Saturday but we usually skip the traditional Thanksgiving and have soups instead. This year we decided to go for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and it was all fantastic! We got a chance to have some real southern Thanksgiving specialties like my Grandmama's stuffing, pecan pie & collards! All the food was delicious and we had tons left over! I think Rich and I probably gained about 20 pounds this week! Here are some pictures we got of our Thanksgiving celebrations!

Thanksgiving with the Stout's

-Jocelynn spent the night with Aunt Keri on Wednesday night and she taught Jocelynn how to crochet! So this is where we found Jocelynn and Keri most of the time that we weren't eating on Thursday! It was so cute!

-You would think we never feed this kid! Whenever he his hungry and there is anyone in the kitchen at our house he'll go and sit at the table! As if to say "oh good! You're here! I'm starving! You're going to feed me, right?" So as soon as we walked into the house at Rich's parents he saw the nicely set table and went immediately over to it and sat down and waited! So, I just had to have a picture of it!

-Grandpa carving the turkey!

-Aunt Diana, Rafi and Brenna playing with those funky blocks that are so cool!

-Or maybe it's just Rafi...

-Looks like he might have persuaded Brenna to try it too!

-Some fun people pictures... Rich fell asleep in the chair after all that turkey!


-A great picture of Grammy & Grandpa!

A Berg/Juarez Thanksgiving

-Jack after dinner

-Sawyer just being cute

-Maria & Jeremy trying to recover after our devistatingly delicious dinner!

-Jocelynn & Jack making their placemats!

-Kaiden waiting for me to get to him...

-The cutest kids on earth making their placemats!

-Britton enjoying dessert...

-Fun and Games...

Just for fun pics!


Patrea, Shaun, Isaak, and Rusty said...

Sounds so yummy and looks like fun! I'm bummed Thanksgiving is over. :(

Wendy said...

Both of your Thanksgivings looked like they were fun but relaxing at the same time. I love holidays like that. I always enjoy time with my family and extended family during the holidays.

Stephanie said...

I already made a comment, funny that I came back to check for it and it's NOT HERE! Grrr. Well, I can't remember what it said and I'm not feeling up to being cheerful, so know I love you to even write anything!