Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween and Rich's Birthday!

Ok, you wanna hear something really, really weird about Utah? Every year for Halloween the elementary school kids wear their Halloween costumes to school and in the morning all the parents and grandparents and just about everyone comes to the school and the kids put on a parade. All the the kids, every class, parade all through the school in their costumes so everyone can see how they're dressed up (I guess, I guess that's what it's for?) So anyway, I just thought I would explain this to all of you that aren't from Utah or Idaho since those are the only states that have these really odd habits. These first Halloween pictures are of Jocelynn and Kaiden walking in their school parade in their costumes.

Jocelynn came first she dressed like a baby this year and man, that idea seemed to have caught on like wild fire because I must have seen at least 20 other girls dressed up as babies. (I hate that!)She looked adorable and those footie pajamas were the only thing I had to purchase for Halloween this year!

Kaiden was dressed as Paul Bunyan this year. He had an ax, of course, that Rich made him but anything that could be used as or resembles a weapon can't be brought to school so for the Parade Rich took a big peice of cardboard and drew (freehand) a picture of "Babe - the blue ox" from the disney animated version of Paul Bunyan. It turned out great and Kaid looked so awesome!

I'm a little sad that we kind of a hard Halloween night. It was raining, but not very cold, thank goodness, and I didn't have dinner done as early as I would have liked. Sawyer had been grumpy all day and fell asleep right before dinner. So we decided to give him time to sleep but then he didn't want to go trick or treating or put on his costume or anything! It was kind of sad and needless to say I didn't get any pictures of him wearing his costume. Brenna also refused to put on the hood of her horse costume because she didn't want to mess up her "pretties" (which is the hair thing holding up her ponytail) so no one could really tell what she was! On top of that we were in such a hurry to get the trick or treating before it started raining again that I only got a few pictures. Next year I will just have to be better prepared. Here are the pictures I did get and the kids were not happy that I was making them put off trick or treating to take these!

Ok, now Rich's birthday is just 2 days after Halloween and I tried really hard to make sure he had a really good birthday this year. Rafi was very sweet and babysat the night before his birthday and we had one of the best dates we've ever had. We went to dinner and then he wanted to walk around his favorite store, you guessed it - Home Depot. I got lot's of great ideas for Christmas so that was really nice for me, he is really hard to shop for. After that we thought we'd try to go see a movie so we headed over to Jordan Commons but we just couldn't find a movie that we really wanted to see. So we decided to check out the dollar theater. We got there 15 minutes before Get Smart was starting and decided to see that. It was soooo AWESOME!!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, it is definately a must have! The next day on his actual birthday I made him a really nice dinner but he cooked his own steaks on the grill (because you all know how he is about that grill!) I made roast potatoes and we had rolls and salad and lots of good food. It was great. Here are some pictures we got from that night!


Wendy said...

The pictures that you did get of the kids are cute! I've never been to a school parade but my mom goes to see my nephew's every year. I guess they are the "it" thing in Utah.

It looks like Rich had a great birthday! I'm SO glad you were able to have a night out, just the two of you!

Stephanie said...

Sorry everyone else had the same idea of dressing up like a baby! That can be disappointing(sp?). But they all look great, especially that beard on Kaiden! lol
And I'm glad you got to have such a great date with Rich too, yay :D

Patrea, Shaun, Isaak, and Rusty said...

I'm sorry your Halloween didn't work out like you had planned. The kid's costumes are sooo cute! I love the drawing of Babe the Ox. I'm glad Rich had a good birthday. You are so awesome at cooking... I'll have to get recipes from you sometime.

Jeremy and Maria said...

I love kaiden's costume (kind of reminds me of Rich :D) That parade is cool...i bet the kids get real excited about it.