Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jocelynn & Kaiden Dance!

Ok so Jocelynn and Kaiden had a little dance program at school. They learned different dances. Kaiden learned the Fox Trot and Jocelynn learned Lindy Hop. It was soooooo adorable! Kaiden danced with a girl and I couldn't stand it it was so CUTE! Anyway, here are some videos of them dancing! Jocelynn really seems to have it down but the poor boy she's dancing with... well... poor kid! Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did!!! Oh and I couldn't get them to upload here to blogger so I had to up load them to YouTube and post a link. Sorry about that!

Here is Jocelynn! (Dancing with a BOY!!)

Here is Kaiden! (Dancing with a GIRL!! Could this be cuter!???!!)


Patrea, Shaun, Isaak, and Rusty said...

How CUTE!! I do have to say that your kids are talented.... you're right, the boy Jocelyn was dancing with was watching her the whole time so he could figure out the steps!!

Jeremy and Maria said...

How cute!!! Did they enjoy dancing? It looks like they were having fun.

Ashley and Matt said...

Your kids are so cute!!