Thursday, October 16, 2008

The MOM Post (and TAG)

Answer these things about your mom from A-Z

A- Activity you like to do with your mom? ~my mom is an excellent roller skater, we share that interest but haven't gone together in years.

B- Brings on every trip? ~her bathroom stuff in a clear plastic bag, way before it was common practice!

C- Call her for the most? ~to ask her cooking questions

D- Depend on her for the most? ~to tell me that I'm not the only one! (you know what I mean)

E- Embarassing moment (hers)? ~ definately the time she put out a fire in the kitchen naked in front of one of my friends

F- Forgets the most? ~just about everything but probably where she put her keys

G- Gift she gave you? ~she gave me a beautiful porcelain angel that I keep on my mantle, I really love it!

H- Hid from her? ~that I had a 2 peice swim suit that I layed out in when she wasn't home. I got it at a yard sale when I was 15, she didn't find it til I was packing my things to move out of the house when I was getting married.

I- Is obsessive about? ~right now coupons but I can understand why...

J- Jealous of? ~people that have more coupons than she does? ok, ok...probably people that live in places where it snows in the winter, she really loves snow

K- Kill you if she knew? ~oooh, maybe that I was really dating a guy that she thought I was "just friends" with.

L- Lives near or far? ~way too far- I live in Utah, she lives in North Carolina

M- Memory that makes you smile? ~the really awesome birthday parties and slumber parties she used to throw for us!

N- Never leaves the house with out? ~her coupon book?

O- On her bedside table? ~a glass of water

P- Perfect at? ~she makes the worlds best cinamon rolls and sticky buns, she is a perfect cook!

Q- Quality you love the most? ~her undying ethusiasm for everything! She's always up for doing something and gets very excited about whatever she's doing.

R- Really hates? ~when we sit on the couch next to her and stick our feet under her butt and wiggle our toes!

S- Secret celebrity crush? ~I'm going to go with Eric Stoltz (she loves red heads)

T- Tells everyone? ~about coupons! I'm kidding, (but only a little) that she feels like she lives in an I Love Lucy re-run

U- Under her bed? ~christmas presents probably!

V- Van, car or SUV? ~we both drive the same type of minivan

W- Wacky thing she does? ~what wacky thing doesn't she do, should be the question!
No, seriously probably her commercial cleanups (but it's a great idea and good motivator)!

X- always has eXtra of? ~lately, it seems like she always has extra pants in Jocelynn's size!

Y- Yuletide tradition (favorite)? ~I think her favorite tradition used to be when Papa reads the Christmas story out of the Bible and played carols on his guitar on Christmas eve but I haven't been able to spend Christmas with my family for 12 years so I wouldn't know what they do anymore.

Z- favorite animal at the Zoo? ~Panda Bear, I can't remember why...that's funny, it's mine too, but I really love black and white.

Ok, now I tag Maria, Steph, Wendy, Rob, Patrea and Ashley! Can't wait to see your answers!


Wendy said...

I just have one question, who comes up with these tags? This one is pretty cool, though. I did learn a few new things about you and your mom. :)

Jeremy and Maria said...

lol...I love how some of these answers are exactly what I remember

Stephanie said...

This was fun to read. I'll get onto doing this tag in a couple days...promise! (It only sucks that you tagged me on this one since this will probably be the ONLY thing Mom ever looks for on my blog and it is documented that I have the worst memory of any of her children) :P
[yes, that's me sticking out my tongue at you because I'm 4 years]

Patrea, Shaun, Isaak, and Rusty said...

LOVE your blog!!! I had forgotten that your littlest was named Sawyer. That is one of my favorite names, too bad Shaun won't let me use it! I'll have to do that tag on my next blog. :)