Monday, September 22, 2008


On Thursday I picked up my laptop and started watching a show called Heroes that I've heard is very good. I didn't know anything about it at all. I couldn't stop watching it! It was unreal! I stayed up every night until at least 1:00, sometimes two or three, trying to watch as many episodes as I could. I love a lot of shows, I have sung the praises of Friends and Roswell for years watching all the episodes of every seasons from my DVD collection over and over and over again. While I still love the wonderful entertainment Friends and Roswell provides Heroes has got to be the best show I have ever seen IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!! It is a very odd coincidence that I should finish watching season two just a few minutes ago and decided to visit the show's official site only to discover that the first episode of season three aires tonight!!!! I can not get over how incredible that is and how I am now going to be the biggest fan ever. This is a show that I MUST own on DVD one day. I just have to say... anyone that hasn't seen the show, watch it! If you have be sure to tune in the the 3 hour season premier tonight! I'll be sitting in front of my tv tonight!!!


Wendy said...

I'm thinking that I will have to put Heroes on my list of shows to watch. Enjoy the season premier tonight!

Jeremy and Maria said...

I LOVE Heroes!! I actually own the first season if you want to watch it (The first season was better than the 2nd but a tad more gore). I actually didn't know the 3rd season was coming out so soon. Thanks for letting me know.