Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A. The rules are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people by posting their names; then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged.

10 years ago: I was just 5 short months away from giving birth to my first child (4 kids later). Rich and I were living in Rexburg, Idaho in a little apartment off campus and my sister, Stephanie had just moved out and started school there as well. I think we had just purchased our first car together a Geo Prism (that we wish we still had!) - Boy am I really old!

Snacks I enjoy: I have been on a diet lately so my snacking consists of chewing gum (only 10 calories) or a granola bar usually. But when I want a special treat my favorite things are those Lindor dark chocolate truffles or celery (I know I'm weird. I really like celery) I will snack on mostly anything and on a normal basis really enjoy things that are "cakey" (my husbands hates that word after hearing it so much over the course of 4 pregnancies!)

Five things on my to-do list today:
1) give Kaiden and Sawyer haircuts
2) clean diningroom
3) read with the kids
4) make time to be alone
5) do e-learning module

Things I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:~ So very many things. First, pay my tithing through the end of time. Next pay off all of the debt that Rich and I have acquired and pay off our Mortage, hire out all the improvements that we want to make on the house including Rich's detatched garage full of all of the woodworking (and other) tools he could ever want. I would pay off the debts of his and my parents and purchase their homes outright or buy them houses wherever they wanted to live. I would invest in a few rental homes and then put money away for retirement, college for the kids and for Rich and I to travel as much as we want. I would buy a vacation home in Wilmington and a cabin at Bear Lake (which I would allow family and friends to use whenever we weren't using them)

Three of my bad habits:
1) I bite the skin off the inside of my cheeks mostly when I am stressed
2) I gripe to my sister about everything that irritates me
3) I take advantage of my husbands generous nature too much

Five places I have lived:
1) Wilmington, North Carolina
2) Rexburg Idaho
3) Orem, Utah
4) Taylorsville, Utah
5) Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Jobs I have had:
~Sales Associate, Sears Dept Store
~Movie Extra
~Catering/Craft Service/Medic Assistant
~Travel Agency Courier
~ Babysitting
~Cashier at a grocery store
~Manager, Abbotts Ben Franklin Store
~Lunch Cashier, Brighton High School
~Bank of New York Stocks and Bonds Dept Specialists
~Sales Associate, Fine China Dept. Meier and Frank
~Reservations Service Specialist, Ritz Carleton Hotel
~Assistant Manager of a Grocery Store Delicatessen
~Reservations Service Specialist, Holiday Inn
~Front Desk Manager, Candlewood Suites Hotel
~Office/Projects Manager, Richco Ornamental Iron
~Store Manager/District Manager, PayDay Loan Company
~Operator/Call Center Manager, Answering Service
~Free Lance Writer
~Child Care Specialist, Rec. Center
~Customer Service Specialist, jetBlue Airways
~Wife/Mom (includes:housekeeper, childcare specialist, taxi service, secretary, financial specialist, public relations specialist, catering/chef services, light medical and nursing duties and hundreds of other things I'm too busy to think of the name for!)

Things people don't know about me:
~I've dated some people that are now famous
~I didn't take a job as a waitress because I HAD to, I always wanted to be a waitress (I know I'm weird)
~I would like to try my hand at managing a Movie Theater (still weird, I know!)
~I think John Goodman is totally HOT!(sure you want me to answer these?)
~People find my taste in some music surprising (like alternative and rap)
~I learned to drive a car when I was 11 years old
~Out of all of Richard's married siblings I am the only wife that is YOUNGER than her husband.
~One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people make grammatical and spelling errors in their writing (I mean, come on! Pick up a book, crack a dictionary!)
~I think it is so rude to call someone at a home where they do not live or on someone else's cell phone, my face litterally BURNS with shame and embarrassment.
~I think think all this computer/cell phone lingo (like typing "ttyl" instead of "talk to ya later" or "ppl" instead of "people" is tacky and embarrassing
~It is such complete and utterly disgusting etiquette to put a "We are registered at..." card in your wedding announcement that I refuse to purchace a gift from the registry if one is enclosed in an invitation or announcement that I recieve. (Not to mention I am so embarrassed for them I can barely look at them.) I won't even give a gift if it is printed directly on the invitation! (Have a little propriety people!) The only place it is acceptable to enclose that type of card is in a shower invitation.
~I am embarrassed when anyone sings a solo in public, unless their voice is exceptionally good. (but I find this weird quirk in myself to be ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with people singing if they have the guts to. I'm just weird!)


Jeremy and Maria said...

LOL...I didn't know you had a thing for John Goodman..thats hillarious!!

Stephanie said...

Yay for Becky! She updated her blog AND she filled out the tag. Although I must say it was very annoying that everything ran together. Sometimes my blog does that kind of thing when I go to post it. I, being the OCD champ, ALWAYS go back and fix it as many times as I have to so it stays the way I input it. Long explanations are my specialty!
Love you!!

Jeremy and Maria said...

lol steph is so funny. I personally find it really helpful when ppl add where they are registered at. But I could see why some people don't like it. I like it cause it saves me time. I do however hate when all the register for are like $50 or higher items. Thats just rude.